A new stage

Post festival plans

John and Emma at Kelburn

we had a great time at Kelburn Garden Party last week (as evidenced by the blurry but happy selfie – pretty much a visual representation of how things were feeling inside).  And the lovely festi vibe has been giving us new thoughts on getting our stuff out into the world.  We’ve been working on a new piece based on creating a portable stage for us to perform on, but we’d not got into thinking about where we’d take our stage.  Of course, now we’re all fired-up to tour some festis with the piece next season!

There’s lots of small weekenders around the UK with a focus on getting art (objects, performances and happenings) going on alongside the music and the loved-up, weird and magic-realist vibe they’re wanting to create is a good fit for our work.  Music festis feel like just the right space for our art/music squash – I can’t think why we’ve not thought of them as a potential venue before.

We enjoyed wearing some of the ears I’m making for the new video for ‘Broken’ and now we’re busy dreaming up ways we can performatively adorn each other for our new piece.

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