Harmonious Place

3 minute sample for our new project


This is our initial working sample piece for our new project Harmonious Place.  We plan to develop these ideas into our first full 25 minute piece.  This is a working sample , we’ve made it to give an idea of the form of the finished works.  The sound is unmastered.

With this new project we are developing some audio-visual works for people with dementia.  We’re working together, melding art and music to make video soundscapes that create positive energies in the space where they’re presented.  We both have many years experience working in care home settings and it’s older people’s shared living spaces that we’ve had in mind as we develop this work.  We want these videos to be a tool for helping carers to support service users in finding a harmonious place – both in the shared home and within themselves.

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      Thanks Marie! We’ve loved making this piece and we’re all fired-up to develop the work x

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      Great Christine! Thanks for forwarding the link. As we develop the work, we’re really keen to work alongside folk with dementia, to make sure that we’re making something useful and meaningful for them.

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